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Wing Chun Traditional vol. Premier pas sur imineo Questions fréquentes Nos engagements Nous contacter. Sanda compétition Dan Schwarz , Mostafa Errasfa. Kyusho Tang Soo Do Connection 3. Sifu Cangelosi analyzes the principle combat techniques: All specials.

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Creole Fencing. E-bunto, At the verge of the Invisible.


Kyusho Tang Soo Do Connection 3. Kyusho Tang Soo Do Connection 2. Kyusho Tang Soo Do Connection 1.

Tong Long Pai. All new products. For Sifu Cangelosi there is only one kind of Kung Fu, those from which every style branches off from one same trunk and a true martial artist should study all of them.

For Sifu Cangelosi only there is only a Kung Fu, in which the styles are only branches of a same trunk and a true martial artist must study them all. In this occasion, it presents a work to us on the Chin Na, the Art of takes hold and control of the opponent. For many years, he has taught in countries like Venezuela, the U. He is the director of a well known association.

He has prepared an excellent introduction about one of th Master Dr. The Zum Kap Kuen form, efficient and quick in the use of fists, is The old masters, including other styles, agree that Hung Gar is different from other martial arts in the fullness of its system, which contains the essence of combat and all wisdom and traditional principles.

Shaolin : 10 Taolu

See with your own eyes why many people see Weng Chun as the forefather o Weng Chung is the internal Art of southern Shaolin and teaches to fight through concepts. The heart of the style are the 18 Kiu Sao strategies.

The Sanda or Sanshou, the essence of fighting in Kung Fu, is becoming popular and is attracting the attention of practitioners of fighting sports all over the world, because of a regulation which is midway between Vale-Tudo and Kick Boxing or Muay Thai, adding projections and grips.

It has a sport e The Splashing Hands is considered one of the faster and most powerful Kung Fu street fight system today, and it is named after the hand movements, similar to splashing water, creating a kind of speed and power achieved only by grand masters.

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A quick footwork combined with low and straight kicks and Samart Payakaroon: Paolo Cangelosi: This second work focuses on the practical application of Gong Gee Kune, one of the most popular forms of Hun Gar, perhaps the most powerful and known style of Kung Fu.

Linking with the knowledge acquired in the first volume, in this second DVD Cangelosi continues the analysis of the oldest form of H This is an exceptional DVD in which Master Cangelosi presents a preestablished combat to give an idea of the applications of the typical techniques of this method.


They are extracts from the classic forms done with and without weapons. The combat is executed by Master Paolo Cangelosi and instructor The Tao Yin is a collection of "internal" arts.

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Once again it is Master Cangelosi who has dared to handle this material which others avoid teaching because of the vision and teaching knowledge it requires. Cette vidéo est incluse dans l'abonnement.

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